School Events

November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break

                        HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

December 9 - Progress Reports

December 13 - FCCS Christmas Program 

December 14 - All School Singing Sienna Crest

December 18 - Jr High UW Play "Nutcracker"

December 22 - PTF Lunch "Nachos"

December 23 - Jan 1  Christmas Break 

                         MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

January 4 - Classes resume










School Address

PTF-Parent Teacher Fellowship


To support the staff and parents of FCCS spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

To communicate clearly to the parents and staff of FCCS the blessings and needs of the PTF ministry.

To enhance the relationship between the home and the school in order that parents and teachers may cooperate in the Godly teaching and training of the child.


To uphold all aspects of FCCS in prayer.

To provide voluntary assistance to the staff of FCCS when needed.

To raise funds to be used by FCCS.

To promote a sense of unity among the staff, parents, School Board, and students.

To promote a positive image of the school to the church and community.

(PTF will coordinate varies activities and fundraisers throughout the school year to support the purpose and objective of PTF. Scrip and are allocated to tuition reduction. All other fundraising goes to curriculum, equipment, and other school sponsored activities.)

Fundraisers (click on any below for more information):


Campbell Soup Labels

General Mills Box Tops

Daniel's Sentry

Milk Moola