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March 22 - Mary Hoard Art Show

March 24 - Spring Carnival

March 24 - PTF Hot Lunch Nachos

March 27-31 - Spring Break

April 3 - K-2 Charlotte's Web UW Whitewater


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Faith Community Christian School

Our History

Faith Community Christian School had its beginning, in the early 1980s, during the ministry of Pastor Bill Bartz. Church leadership was challenged with the idea of providing the community with a Christian school, and rose to the challenge in April, 1982.

A Christian School Review Committee first met on April 22, 1982 to prepare a church-wide survey and draft a Statement of Intent. The committee addressed important issues including the financial impact that a Christian School would have upon other areas of ministry in the church, and the need for a qualified staff for the long-term impact of the school.

On July 11, 1982, Faith Community Church voted to pursue a Christian school and make it an extension of the ministry of the church. A board was formed and a teaching administrator was hired. The school opened in the fall of 1983 with 10 students, expanding to 14 in the second semester. A preschool was added in 1993 with an initial enrollment of 12 students.

Our Beliefs

We subscribe in full to the Articles of Faith of our parent organization, Faith Community Church.

We believe that there are three basic institutions established by God on earth; the home, the church, and the state, and it was intended by God that all three should glorify Him among men.

We hold that, since much evidence points to the fact that the present state does not have God’s glory as its central purpose, it is the duty of the Christian home and the Christian church to defend, maintain, and promote the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

We believe that since the training of our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is a central theme in Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments, the education of our children is the responsibility of the home and church.

We recognize that most Christian families find it impossible to assume the total responsibility for the well-rounded education of their children, thus it is expedient that we, the members and friends of Faith Community Church, establish a Christian school under Church auspices, dedicated to the furthering of biblical beliefs.

We believe that the Christian school should be an extension of the ministry of Faith Community Church to its own families first, and then to those families in the area who may wish to participate.

We endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace among all believers and to maintain a loving, open concern for the needs of all men, that it may be said of Faith Community Church’s Christian School, "And God saw...and, behold it was very good." 

Our Philosophy of Education

Faith Community Christian school offers classes for students in preschool through eighth grade. Small classes offer the opportunity for students to obtain individualized instruction and guidance. The Christian atmosphere of the school enables students to develop good Christian character while developing their academic skills.

The education offered at Faith Community Christian School goes beyond meeting the academic needs of our students. An equally important aspect of the program is the spiritual training each student receives through the formal and informal biblical instruction and guidance.

The academic program of the school consists of age-appropriate instruction from pre-school through eighth grade. The curricula is selected from publishers who provide the most suitable content for the school to meet its educational objectives. The Stanford standardized achievement test is administered in the spring of each school year to assess student progress. Click here for a statement of beliefs.

Our objectives are clear:

To provide a Christ-honoring education which reflects a commitment to God’s Word and to academic excellence.

To train students spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially so that they might acquire the necessary skills to meet the challenges of life and fulfill their God-given purpose.

To pursue a curriculum which is dedicated to educational excellence and high academic standards.

To build into students qualities of character consistent with those taught in the Word of God and as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

To enable students to translate their educational experience into Christian living.

To provide a safe, stimulating, encouraging, nurturing, and rewarding Christian educational environment.