School Events

March 22 - Mary Hoard Art Show

March 24 - Spring Carnival

March 24 - PTF Hot Lunch Nachos

March 27-31 - Spring Break

April 3 - K-2 Charlotte's Web UW Whitewater


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School Curriculum

Pre-school Curriculum (8:00am-11:30am)

Faith Community Christian School offers a half-day preschool program, two days a week for children whose 3rd birthday is before September 1st, and three days a week for children whose fourth birthday is before September 1st. The program provides students with a solid foundation upon which to build the remainder of their educational experience. The program will give children excellent academic and social preparation for their elementary school years.

Kindergarten Curriculum (8:00am-3:00pm)

PHONICS- Students will learn all sounds of letters, recognize single and double vowel words, read simple sentences and simple books, begin reading and writing simple stories, and read more complex stories.

MATH- Students will recognize numbers and number words, learn to tell time: hour, half hour, recognize coins and learn to count money, begin to understand measures, memorize addition facts - sums up to ten and some subtraction.

READING- Library reading program - regular, rotational story-readers; follows various themes: bears, kindness, etc.

BIBLE- Students will learn stories with application from the Old and New Testament, and enjoy missionary stories from around the world.

SCIENCE- Science will focus around each letter of the alphabet (e.g., "S" - stars). Students will enjoy units on the five senses, plants, weather, etc.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Group games; and following of rules. Students will begin to learn some simple sports.

MUSIC- Music will help students read simple melodies and develop singing skills through guided listening activities.

Elementary/Middle School Curriculum (8:00am-3:00pm)

BIBLE- The Bible, God's inspired Word, provides the basis for the school's instructional program and the student's spiritual development. Bible, as a discipline, is taught through stories, Bible study, and memorization. We emphasize godly character traits to equip students for their daily walk with the Lord.

READING- Reading is not only critical to educational success but for all of life's experiences. At FCCS, the process begins in kindergarten with the fundamentals of letter/sound relationships, rhyme, and sense of story. Throughout the grades, phonics and decoding skills continue to be emphasized as tools to aid in comprehension. Students are taught a variety of strategies to construct meaning from print. Our goal is have students develop a love of reading as well as a taste for good literature.

LANGUAGE ARTS- Grammar, written and oral expression, penmanship, and spelling are incorporated in this area. Penmanship is taught as a formal class in grades K-3 and practiced throughout the upper grades. Our desire is for each student to have the ability to communicate through writing, effectively and accurately.

MATHMATICS- This area includes a blend of memorization, application, and mathematical reasoning used in problem solving. We strive to develop students who are skilled not only in computation, but also in the application of mathematics as required in daily life.

SOCIAL STUDIES- The curriculum includes U.S. and World History, geography, American Government, as well as economics. The student will explore historical events and demonstrate an awareness of God's sovereignty in human affairs. The instructional approach involves both analyzing cause and effect and understanding concepts and themes.

SCIENCE- This discipline is based on the intelligent orderly design of God's creation. The scientific method, along with a hands-on approach, is emphasized. Both physical and life sciences are included in the course of studies.

COMPUTERS- Computer use will be integrated into classroom instructional program. A computer lab is available for each grade to use where students encounter a variety learning experiences including: typing, word processing, and other learning activities.

SPECIAL DISCIPLINES- There is an ongoing effort to provide co-curricular programs for our students. Music and physical education are currently being offered to every student.

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