Children's Ministry

As you will see, we have a wide variety of things to choose from when it comes to our Children's Ministry! With each event below, the goal is to see children learning more about Jesus Christ and coming to that saving grace that can only be found in Him.


A non-denominational, bible centered, youth program for kids from age 3 through 6 grade. This program strongly emphasizes the memorization and understanding of scripture.

CUBBIES (Pre-School)

This is the pre-schooler program for Awana with a belief that young children can and should receive spiritual training and that home is the primary place for that training to take place.

SPARKS (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

This program consists of children from Kindergarten- 2nd Grade and continues the early development already started in Cubbies. This is done with different methods based upon the age but continues to develop kids in the memorization and understanding of scripture.

T&T-Truth & Training (3rd-6th Grade)

Designed for 3rd-6th grade students, this program teaches the truth of God's Word and trains the student to follow Christ in their daily lives. Our goal is that many of today's young people will become tomorrows leaders. This program trains tomorrows leaders today.

Children's Church

On Sunday mornings, kids age nursery through 3 go directly to Children's Church. Kids ages 4- 6th grade, gather in the sanctuary for a time of worship and then are dismissed to join the other students. We have found this a great way to reach kids for Christ in a way that is relevant to them given their age.

Family Bible Hour

Every Sunday Morning from 10:45-11:45, we provide the opportunity for kids through 6th grade to learn about God through the Bible. Bible stories are used to teach and instruct children on how to live out their faith on a day to day basis. Our classes are age-weighted starting with Nursery age, divided all the way through 6th grade.

Shoebox Club

The Shoebox Club works directly with Operation Christmas Child. At FCC, the Shoebox Club is run by kids for kids and is an exciting way for children to work with the community in providing for the needs of other children all over the world. 

Through this program, our children have a chance to collect needed items, for kids in other parts of the world, by filling up shoeboxes. In 2013 alone, the FCC kids sent off over 1152 boxes all over the world. What a great and practical way for kids to exercise their faith in Jesus.

Prayer Club

Every Wednesday morning at 11:50am, kids grades kindergarten-6th grade gather in the Purdy Prayer Room for a group time of prayer.


Nursery services are available every Sunday morning during the worship service as well as the Family Bible Hour.

Additional Information

For all additional information or questions, please contact Jackie Lyon.